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* Daily new 50,000 registered users
* 60 million users in over 200 countries and territories
* in the business, long-term efficiency class software ranked first
* "Global Top Developer "--google
*" Scan Almighty King's unique image processing technology to make the document more clearly "
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*" on the phone, one of the best 50 software "- Times scanning Almighty King, providing document scanning, storage, management, sharing, communication, collaboration, synchronization of integration solutions. The portable phone into a scanner, fax, pdf converter, text text extraction tools, document sharing and collaboration platform. --- Its unique core functions, the global leader ---
* Fast scan a document, generate high-quality pictures or pdf
* ocr identification document, the picture for the text text text extraction ## ### * cooperation to share documents, invite friends and co-view, comment on the document support system: android2.3 function described above --- ---
[scanner] on the phone you are using a mobile phone
camera to take pictures of documents, after rapid processing, can instantly become the high-definition scans. The world's leading image processing technology that allows scanning results than traditional desktop scanner. Install the software to the phone, it is to put into a pocket scanner. [Readily available remember whether electronic tools]
books, comics, flyers, invoices, drawings or whiteboard word, all non-electronic files of the file you want to save, you can always scan down, automatically cut off the excess border, Enhanced document content, clarity saved. It is the best tool to clear paper documents electronically. [Image transfer text using the Text tool]
ocr function, character recognition can be pictures, text extraction into a text document. After saving or share, you can open it for editing. All paper documents scanned and ocr becomes editable electronic text files. [
] Pdf generator scan and save books, materials, ppt, flyers, drawings, can share in pdf format. There are more than 10 kinds of industry standard pdf size available. In the absence of an electronic version of the source file, and there is a demand for very practical situations in pdf format. [Wireless printing, fax
] open the phone, the important documents, identity documents after the scan is saved to the phone, you can feel free wireless print out, or send a fax to more than 30 countries and regions, easy to deal with travel, travel way file transfer urgent need to unforeseen circumstances. [
] Collaboration platform document sharing any documents readily scanned, can invite friends, colleagues who collaborate together to view, comment on the document. The document can also e-mail, share links, etc., or to publish to microblogging, letters and other social accounts. [
] Document management tool to view the document image, you can use the "magic pen" in the above punctuate and write comments. When a large document, through the search function to quickly find documents. By managing the label document classification can be. Setting document access password, you can protect the privacy of the document. [
] Document Synchronization Service When you have fear of losing important documents, you can register for an account, the document scanning Almighty King synchronized to the cloud. If you have more than one phone, tablet, you can also synchronize, implementation documentation instant copying and transmission on different devices. --- ---
* Premium account Premium account user, increase the cloud storage space 10g
* increase the maximum number of file share, an increase of 40 people
* The image on the document text Extraction of text within text
* Apply all interfaces within an application without advertising
* download pdf no watermark unrestricted use annotation feature to scan Almighty King Premium account provides automatic renewal service. Usually, there are two ways to choose from:
* monthly subscription: rmb 30 / month
* Annual subscription: rmb 300 / Year --- --- ### Free Description With ## advertising; generated pdf document has "generated by camscanner" watermark; only for 30 annotate documents; uploaded to evernote, skydrive function has seven days to use the right. Invite up to 10 people share documents. --- ---
* Usage scenarios for business people: business trip scanning contracts, documents, invoices, tax bills, air tickets; fax, e-mail scanned documents shared
* Student teacher: Scan notes, whiteboard , curriculum, books, ppt; enter a keyword, you can find locate file
* designers, cartoonists, hand-painted party: scan design manuscripts, comic prototype, now beginning to capture the inspiration of bold imagination #### # * Traveler: scanning a passport, driver's license, identity card, travel plans, baggage list, map, Raiders, no network can also walk Xpress
* Parents: scanning instructions, water and electricity bills, passbook, bank cards, membership cards , recipes, add tags, notes classified archive, organize your thoughts; scanning child's work, graffiti, out of paper, to capture memories
...... If you prefer to scan Almighty King, or have any other comments, please take a moment to We write a review, or email
[email protected], which will help us continue to improve the product, so you get a better experience! ---
--- Recommendations in order to achieve the best results, make sure you take pictures:
* more clear as possible (see in the light of better place to shoot, shooting Try not to shake)
* bigger the better (shooting, try to make the picture fill the screen shot) Follow us on Sina Weibo @ scan Almighty King
Follow us on twitter @ camscanner ## ### Follow us on facebook: camscanner
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Changelog / What's New
3.2 更新:
1. OCR识别结果可进行手动编辑(高级账户)
2. 在“我的文档”界面, 可从相册导入图片创建文档
3. 在设置中,可清除本地缓存,删除多余文件,节省存储空间
4. 在设置中,可开启显示文档页的扫描时间、文件大小
5. 在设置中,可更改新建文档的默认命名方式
6. 加快了新手机上首次登录扫描全能王帐户后的文档加载速度
Additional information
5,000 - 10,000
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Requires Android
2.3 and up
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Mar 09, 2014